IMPORTANT: Commercial Role at the Oval is still Available

Commercial Officer

Last month we advertised a new paid role of Commercial Officer at the club.

Unfortunately we have received no interest at all in the post and so we are re-advertising.

We are amongst the biggest clubs in the Domestic game with a high number of stakeholders, and so it is surprising that no one has stepped up for the post.

The role is part time, and is commission-based, and we really are very keen to get someone on board as a matter of urgency.

Previous experience in retail or football is not essential and we are looking to hire someone immediately.

Those who wish to show an interest in the post should send an email to the chairman as soon as possible at:

*Please note we do not require suggestions on who to approach for the role on our social media as, when this has happened in the past, the suggested person has not been interested in joining us.

Summary of Role:

The main responsibility of the Commercial Officer will be to maximise income by introducing new income streams and working on the main opportunities to raise revenue, which will consist of Sponsorship, Advertising, Corporate Hospitality and Business Partnerships etc.

The successful candidate must be self-motivated, driven to meet and exceed targets and previous experience is not essential.

The successful candidate will report to the chairman.

Please email your latest CV to .

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