Teaming Up with Coleg Menai....

As part of our partnership with Coleg Menai we want to try and give their students an opportunity to use their skills in the footballing environment. With this in mind we recently asked their students to work on match day posters for us. Paul, our chairman, explains more: "We pride ourselves on being a community club and this is why we have partnered with Coleg Menai. We are very proud of this partnership and one of our aims is to provide students with opportunitIes to work in the football environment. With friday's European play off semi final being such an important fixture for us, we wanted to give the students the opportunity to be involved and asked if they would like to prepare match day posters for the occasion. Everyone at our club has been extremely impressed with what they have prepared for us and so we will be sharing their posters on our social media platforms this week as we prepare for the match. I am sure that our supporters will be as impressed as we are by the students' work and we look forward to teaming up with as many of them as possible in the future."

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