Thank you from the family of Harry Griffiths

Thank you to Caernarfon Football Club and the Supporters, from the family of Harry Griffiths. Further to Harry’s funeral on the 28/05/24, on behalf of the family, we would like to sincerely thank Caernarfon Football Club and the Supporters for the support, kindness and condolences expressed towards us, throughout this difficult time. Heartfelt thanks for the minute of applause to remember Harry, before the game on the day after his death, additionally, thank you for allowing us to take the hearse into the Oval on the way to the funeral, and to all the supporters who were at the Oval and the funeral. Thank you all for your words, cards and expressions of sympathy towards us, we very much appreciate them. We know that your support, kindness, condolences and respect would have meant the world to Harry. Thank you very much.

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